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Classes temporary canceled until a new vennue is found - stay tunned.  

Join our Nude vinyasa yoga class and experience the journey of self through self. 


Why Nude

  • It positively enhances the self reflection of your body image.

  • It can help eliminate your insecurities and fears.

  • Being unrestricted by clothes helps you align into the postures better and safer.

  • Saves you time and money on purchasing and washing your yoga attire.

    More Details About These Reasons


"Being naked can bring up many of your inner issues, vulnerabilities and sometimes fears! By facing these feelings in a safe and supportive environment, we can overcome these and find comfort within ourselves"

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"As nervous as I was, the instructor was very warm and  welcoming. After I undressed, I wrapped a towel around me and had a seat on my mat. When class started, the lights were dimmed and I removed my towel. After a few minutes, I was completely comfortable"  First time nude yogi!