We work one-on-one with a limited number of people who would like more personalised attention for their yoga practice. 

All private sessions start with a complete debrief of your body that help us develop a personal practice for you that will support you in achieving your physical and mental goals. Sometimes, this includes practices to do at home in between sessions. Private Yoga Sessions are Ideal for:

  • People healing injuries that prevent them from attending group classes. 
  • People with busy work schedules, family commitments or other priorities that therefore need yoga sessions delivered to suit.
  • People who have specific mental or physical goals they wish to work toward using their yoga practice.
  • People ready to develop a specific area of their yoga practice such as working on targeted postures, developing a meditation practice or doing pranayama.

Contact us and we can chat about how we could design a yoga session to help you meet your needs and goals.