1) It positively enhances the self reflection of your body image. Everyone has things about their body that they are not comfortable with. It could be your hips, legs, arms, height.... the list just goes on. In society we are forced to view "perfected" media images of bodies and we can't help but think thats the norm. We allow these images to shape our feelings, which ultimately create or add to our insecurities. In reality, this is untrue and absolutely not the norm in terms of what the majority of people look like. Nude yoga classes help you realise that! 

Breaking through this stereotype and practicing nude yoga, we (very quickly) begin to accept our bodies, the good things and even our flaws. You begin to become more confident in just about every aspect of your life. These new feelings eventually lead you to find more love and acceptances within and with others.

2) It can help eliminate many of your insecurities and fears. Most people comment that once the class starts, you quickly lose notice and site of anyone else. Other people in class just begin to look like blended objects in a very packed room (even in a small class). If you attend a class and conquer one of the biggest fears that most people have (public nakedness), you soon realise that there is nothing you can't accomplish in life.

Single sex and coed nude yoga classes exist in many cities across the world and I have never heard or read anything about anyone feeling uncomfortable by another person. In fact, the opposite of that is what most people say. It's also uncommon to see anyone with an erection either, it's just not the vibe.

The confidence that you cary is far more attractive to other people then how you look physically. Think about one or two of your friends that are very confident in social situations. You will realise that it's not their physical appearance that attracts others, its their high level of self confidence. This can help you kick the rest of your fears

3) It feels better and you are safer since you can view your full body. Without clothes, we are much closer to one of the most important and fundamental teachings of yoga, that is, that we are ALL ONE. Without clothes, we can appreciate and accept this better then standing in a room filled with name brand yoga clothes.

You see and feel your body much better then when in clothes (even in your yoga gear, shorts or teeshirt). When you take notice, you can feel and see how such small movements throughout your body can help you stabilize your foundation and take you deeper into a posture. When you are correctly aligned in a posture (based on your body type), you will have a much healthier practice and receive the benefits of the posture in a deeper way. 

4) Saves you money and is more environmentally friendly. That generally says it all, no expensive yoga gear to purchase or wash. Essentially, your not doing as much laundry (especially if you practice often) and saving water and electricity at the same time.  

You still need to clean your mat and wash your towel as you won't believe how much more you notice your sweat when without clothes (especially in a hot or cardio styled class).