The Universe provides

Yogis & Yoginis, 

When youa have trust in the universe, the universe provides!  This Tuesday I will become a New Zealand Citizen (with so much pride and excitement), so our mens Tuesday class will be canceled for the week. 

The good news is that we are back on for mens yoga on the 24 May (at a slightly different time and location).

Check the AKLnYoga website in a few days as I will update the location details soon. I'm still in the process of confirming the venue, but it will most likely be the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Richmond Rd). The bad news is that I don't think we can fit more then 11 people per class. So it's very important to RSVP... I only have 5 slots left for next Tuesdays class, so make sure you register.  

I'm also trying to get us back into our Westmere location in about 6 weeks. Hoping we can be back on Tuesdays for a 6:15 mens class.  I'm attempting to organise a second class that evening for a coed yoga class (to start around 7:15). 

On Friday, I did a little interview with the Herrald, and they asked if anyone (any of you) would be interested in having a few photos taken during a special class that I would host (no face or other parts included). If interested, please send me an email and if you want to read the Herrald article, click here.

I love receiving your comments and questions, so please continue to send them.