Welcome to June!

Two Classes Every Tues

Auckland Nude Yoga


Fact: If Everyone's Naked, No One's Naked!
- When It Occurs, The Truth Comes Out -
Truth: We Are All One and The Same! 


Mens Class 6:00pm & Coed 7:00pm (Westmere location)
Hey Yogi's & Yogini's, 

Auckland Nude Yoga has been offering classes for almost 2 months and we are gaining so much interest that we just added a second class. Our second and newest class, COED NUDE YOGA, will start on the 14th of June. The classes are selling out fast, so book early. 

Every week I receive lots of emails from people about different things, but the recent trends have been around topics such as "yoga newness or yoga nudeness".  Being new to anything can be fearful, but adding the aspect of being naked in public will easily double the fear. 

When you come to our class and remove your clothes for the first time, you will start to only just begin to understand some of the longer term reasons and benefits of a regular nude yoga practice, such as;
  • There is no ego or judgement to hide behind when we are all naked, we truly are just one! We all have the same level of emotion, fears and insecurities. When we start from a place of being equal and having balance, comfort is found (in class and elsewhere). 
  • You will begin to lose your perceptions of what we think body image is suppose to look like. A higher sense of confidence takes over you and you start to realise that fear is truly self-limiting.  
  • If you can breath, you can do yoga. If you can breath and not allow your ego to take over (even temporarily), you are truly on your way! 
So if you haven't booked a class with us yet, now is your time!

Private yoga sessions are also an option to begin a new yoga practice. Most private yoga sessions cost on average around a $100.00 a session. For my Auckland Nude Yoga group members, I offer $60.00 private yoga sessions at my home studio in Herne Bay ($80.00 for a couple).  You can even book online, via the class registration page if you are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 


175 Garnet Rd, Westmere

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