Welcome August

August is your month. What you plant today, will harvest later.... so choose wisely!

Happy August Everyone!   

Depending on where you live, winter can be a hard month for planting just about anything. In Auckland, the last few weeks included hail, thunder, wind and rain making it difficult for new growth to take place. Although difficult, still possible! As in the weather, life can be rocky sometimes too... but, unlike plants, we humans have a better chance of finding stability in it. 

August is a good time to take a close look at the seeds that we planted within. Reasons for planting them and how to use them when ready for harvest. Each year can be different, sometimes we plant the same seeds and sometimes new ones. In a large way, that is exactly what yoga has always been about to me... planting seeds and allowing the growth to take place, even in a bad storm.

Whats News

  • 2hr partner yoga class/workshop, Sunday, 21st Aug - 2 hours. Sign up via the workshop page.  
  • If you didn't take our survey last month, please do as it's still open. The survey will allow us to review the schedule, style, make changes or simply keep things the same.Click here for the survey